Missing Keys to Leader Effectiveness

Transformative Leadership
in a VUCA World

June 14-15, 2019

“A different ideal for organizations is surfacing. We want organizations to be adaptive, flexible, self-renewing, resilient, learning, intelligent – attributes found only in living systems. The tension of our times is that we want our organizations to behave as living, but we only know how to treat them as machines.” 

- Margaret Wheatley





    The world we live in is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). To paraphrase Einstein, the challenges we face in business and in our communities, nationally and globally, cannot be addressed at the level of thinking that created them. The times we live in call for leaders who have the understanding, self-development, skills, and tools to release the creative potential of themselves and the people they lead. For it is our capacity to create,  innovate, and reinvent, that enables us to build sustainable cultures that not only survive, but also thrive.



    The most transformative and transcendent leaders are those with the vision and the wherewithal to create and shape futures we all want. They tap into a wider collective intelligence and more expanded resources, whereby their mental, physical, psychological, social, spiritual, creative and decision-making skills all become integrated and amplified.

    We call this the “integral approach.”



    Organizations that survive and thrive well into this century will be the ones that operate as responsive ecosystems to fully harness the creative potential of their teams. Great leadership in responsive systems is a movement from taking up space to designing and holding spaces that cultivate collective intelligence, creativity, and flow to significantly improve performance.


    We call this transformational leadership because that it what it does...transform the culture and the people in it into more dynamically aware, more capable versions of themselves. The result of such transformation is a more intelligent, adaptive, and high performance culture...living ecosystems wherein people want to come to work and do their best.


In this program we will explore together what transformational leadership looks and feels like. Leaders will gain clarity on the difference between holding space and taking up space, between a command-and-control culture and collective intelligence, and will inventory and grow personal capacities to lead the shift.


Are you ready to take yourself and your institution to the next level in clarity, productivity, and effectiveness—and above all in humanness — understanding that this will be a growth process for yourself and your community?


Participants can expect to:

LEARN: The FOUR conditions necessary for cultures of innovation

EXPERIENCE: A shift in worldview and interactions 

PRACTICE: Setting the Container and Holding Space for creativity

CONNECT: To your own learning journey as a leader


Individually, your personal development and resulting improvements in capacity and performance will be the primary outcomes. This will not be accomplished through learning the latest leadership trend, but instead through an expansion of systemic awareness coupled by self determination of how you want to live and lead.


Your organization will benefit from your more dynamically aware decision making and leadership. Understanding how to set a container and hold space will transform human interactions and workflows. You will leave better equipped to  support prosocial behaviors among colleagues and clients, positively impacting organizational culture and workplace well-being.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY June 14-15, 2019

Flow of the Program

For details on the flow of the workshop and to share with colleagues, please download the program brochure.

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Dr. Bryan "Sage" Rill, PhD

Associate Director, Center for Integral Leadership | Dean of Admissions & Marketing, CIHS

Bryan (Sage) Rill, PhD

Anthropologist, Experience Designer, Catalyst, Coach


Dr. Bryan Rill, aka "Sage," helps people tap into their creative potential and cultivate the leadership capacities needed for the 21st century. Originally trained as an anthropologist, Bryan moved on to teach design psychology at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the top design school in Asia. There he founded and directed the Co-Creation Initiative. He is now Dean of Admissions & Marketing at CIHS.


Sage is also cofounder of the the Eliad Group, a consulting group that aims to transform people and organizational cultures, by design (www.eliadgroup.com). As a creative catalyst, he designs and delivers co-creative  programs for organizations. As an instructor, he teaches the art of co-creation for those interested in driving change. As a coach, he cultivates core capacities such as mindfulness, dialogue, and insight—which together facilitate creative breakthroughs.


Sage’s work stems from over two decades of inquiry into human consciousness, a journey that has taken him from exploring transformative media environments to training with monks in the mountains of Japan. As President of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, he is constantly exploring new ways of knowing and being. He is author of “The Art of Co-Creation: A Guidebook for Practitioners,” available from Palgrave MacMillan HERE.  His scholarship and firsthand experiences serve as a foundation for the design of transformative leadership and creative programs. 


A favorite quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Enrollment Details

If you’re familiar with the cost of leader development training programs, you know that tuition for two-day intensives can cost $2,000 and up. We are offering you an opportunity to enroll in our series of two-day training programs during the first half of 2019 for a significantly reduced cost. 

Attendance is limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Dates & Times

    Friday & Saturday, June 14-15, 2019

    9:00am to 6:00pm (lunch on your own) 

  • Tuition

    Enroll by June 10, 2018, for $625.
    After that (if seats are still available), individual enrollment increases to $750.


    Group rates are available for multiple registrations from the same organization. The more registrants, the lower the tuition per attendee. For group rates, contact Dr. Gruder at 619-246-1988.

  • Location

    The California Institute for Human Science's campus, at 701 Garden View Court, Encinitas, California, USA (North Coastal San Diego County). The many nearby accommodations range from budget to luxury. Ask us for details. 

  • Size Matters

    The good news is that smaller numbers mean more personalized attention. The bad news is that training room size limitations for this event mean we must set a firm limit on the number of leaders who can enroll. Check below for the number of seats remaining.